About us

R & G Global offers the beauty of being able to brighten each individual’s unique personality.

Logo naming Storytelling

Reliable and glossy
Reliable Splendor, reliable beauty
Reliable: Reliable, reliable (to be right) Glossy: glazed, (seemingly) brilliant

Logo (CI) storytelling

Offering a reliable beauty, R & G Global has its meaning in its logo. Our identity, based on a healthy beauty, is based on the use of blue, a symbol of trust. At the same time, our endless challenge to create new trends and spread the value of beauty has expressed its will in a constant curve.


It Reliable a safe and effective product that means to create a healthy beauty, convey faith, express and communicate with oneself, and Glossy to make the world a brighter glow. To make the world shine with incredible beauty, R & G Global offers the beauty to brighten up your unique personality, not just the beauty of what you see.
Made with a desire for beauty and innovative technology, the R & G Global is the center of the world, with a new lifestyle that goes beyond the beauty of the region.

Representative Ryu Hun-joo

Based on the experience of distribution of cosmetics and beauty products
To contribute to a healthy, beautiful life with safe and effective products

Founded on June 6, 2018.

  • Securing and implementing manpower for the implementation of technology in 2017.
  • February, 2018 Zheng Gigi Trademark Registration
  • June 2018 Corporation established Al & Ji Global Co., Ltd.
  • September 2018 in Gwangju Science and Technology Institute
  • January 2019 Qing Qi-GI release
    Product concept and ordering and sales start.
Company: Al & Ji Global R & G International CEO: Ryu Hun Joo
Address: No. 304, 123 Science and Technology Institute B-DONG, Gwangju Buk-gu
Business registration number: 409-81-78849 L. A Communication Sales Section 2018-Gwangju Buk-gu-0760
Main Number: 1588-2221

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